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Brisbane Skip Bins

Welcome to the Rubbish Removers page dedicated to our great value skip bin service in Brisbane.


Whether you are moving house, decluttering, gardening, or spring cleaning, we have the best rate Brisbane skip bins to make it simple and economical for you.


We’ll put the Bin Where You Need it for Easy Loading!


These bins roll off the back of small trucks and we can usually get them very close to the rubbish, under carports, on driveways, in the yard or on the footpath.


Shaped like a shoebox the skip bins are lightweight (compared to the usual heavy “all metal” bins) and have a tilt door at the back of the skip bin ready for you to walk in and load all the big awkward items and pack everything in. (No wasted space = better value!)


These skip bins are ideal for:

  • Commercial, Small Business Clean Ups
  • Home, Retail, Backyard Moving
  • Cleaning and Renovations
  • Garage cleanouts, sheds and under the house
  • The Spring Clean & Tennant cleanups
  • Cleaning up the parent’s (or the kid’s) house!
  • White goods, furniture, kitchen renos, carpet, greenwaste etc
  • Gardening and more!

Get an instant quote online and hire a skip bin online (we will ring you and confirm details)


Or, ring the office now! 1300LITEBINS (1300 548 324) or 3299 1501.


‘Only Pay for what you Use’ Option Available
If you are not sure how much “stuff” you have? Please ring and ask about our -pay for what you use- system (for the skip bins).


We also accept



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We believe in recycling and everything is waste streamed to prevent good reusable resources filling up our landfill dumps. See our Facebook page for our current recycling efforts and a fun peek at a treasure trove (aka other peoples junk) Our “tip shop” opens weekly. Check out the charities we help support by recycling this junk!


Most importantly THANK YOU for supporting us in our business and in our recycling ventures. YOU make the difference!

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